#WeCare, an EPL MEDIA initiative in the fight against COVID-19

As the number of infected grows globally, prevention has become the most effective measure to flatten the transmission curve. With this in mind, EPL Media is giving new impetus to the social and preventive campaigns related to the pandemic.

In the midst of the third week of mandatory quarantine in Argentina, there are still some unanswered questions about COVID-19 that scientists are working to resolve. However, there is one thing we do understand: taking the preventive measures recommended by the WHO is essential to flatten the transmission curve and prevent an alarming growth in the numbers of patients.

Understanding this and being aware of the strong impact that the media and digital marketing has on the dissemination of preventive measures, lead to EPL MEDIA designing and implemented the #WeCare campaign. “If this health crisis teaches us something, it is about the importance of working together as a society”, says Sebastián Lucero, CMO of E-PLANNING. “For this reason, it was essential for us to be able to make a contribution and create a space that facilitates the dissemination of awareness about this virus. “

Leaders in the management of digital advertising campaigns and audience generation, the #WeCare initiative’s principal mandate is to offer their services pro-bono to campaigns in Argentina whose mission it is to spread awareness and prevention messages about the pandemic. In this way, EPL MEDIA is responsible for 100% of these campaigns. “We are very committed to the current situation and we want to make our contribution; our grain of sand. Both internally and externally, we understand that helping to prevent the spread of the coronavirus is essential. That is why we designed this initiative, to bring the messages of the brands to our audiences and collaborate with their campaigns. And we do it in an absolutely supportive way, ”says Lucero.

Agencies, companies, brands and NGOs that aim to spread messages related to the prevention of COVID-19 are eligible to join #WeCare. The first campaign within the initiative was undertaken together with the MEP team, a professional network of women in advertising. Under the slogan #YoCuidoAQuienNosCuida, their mission is to collect essential products and donations, and send them to 20 Argentine hospitals. “This is not about the work of a single company or brand, but rather a joint effort; a team. From our side, we want to create a space where a message can be shared that impacts multiple audiences and allows accurate information to reach more people.”