Tips for Better ads

It would be obvious to say that the more impactful your ad is, the better the chances of achieving the expected results. However, it is not so common for brands to use these best practices in their ads. We are in a time where empathy and clarity in the message has become very important.

Here in EPL MEDIA we have a deep experience on which are the best ways to improve the performance of your ads, so we want to share with you a number of tips so you can adopt these best practices as your own.

1) Creativity

Be empathetic, put yourself in the shoes of the consumer you are targeting. Think like them, what they do, how they think and feel. Although rationality has its also important, do not forget that 85% of purchase decisions are made from our emotional side. On the other hand, in a world where everything is visual and immediate, it is a must to show more than tell. Be clear on the benefits provided by your product or service to impact the user and optimize time.

2) Formats

Nowadays, there are multiple formats that can help you achieve your marketing objectives. At EPL MEDIA we have many options, such as our VIDEOSLIDEX format, and we even offer the possibility of creating a format as we did with Publicis Media with our collaborative ad called Precision Absolute Home.

3) Consistency

The possibilities offered by technology can be a double-edged sword. It is essential that messages are the same in all your communication channels and formats. This will allow you to be clear with the client. A good idea is also one that can be adapted to multiple communication possibilities.

4) A matter of time

Technology and digital advertising give us the possibility to launch a campaign in a matter of hours or even minutes. That is why it is so important to find the moment to boost the impact. Pay attention to social, political or even sporting events because they can be a chance to present your brand by jumping on a topic that is trending at the moment.

5) Be responsable

Consumers are more demanding than ever. Brands must demonstrate their interest in being socially active. From EPL MEDIA, we generated the #WECARE campaign where we donated spaces to clients who wanted to communicate messages related to the pandemic and the care we should take to protect ourselves from Covid-19.

6) Data, data and more data

Information is power. This is why we must analyze our ads through A/B testing to compare and evaluate which ones are performing better. Our optimization team is constantly evaluating creatives in order to achieve the best results for your campaigns. The data can provide you the information you need to take new directions.

In such a changing world and industry, curiosity is an added value. Trends are constantly mutating these days, and so are consumers. That is why we must transform obstacles into opportunities for brands.