New targeting criteria per soccer scores!

Now you can segment your campaigns and ads per soccer scores both in E-Planning Ad Server and E-Planning DSP. More, all scores can be used in ads in a dynamic way.

Soccer targeting is available for all major leagues of Argentina, USA, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ecuador, Colombia, Spain, and for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia!

Implementation in an ad or campaign is really simple: you just need to access the corresponding option in the form and select the matches you want. Additionally, select in what cases the ad must be shown: whether the local team is winning (or won in case the match has already finished), or if the visiting team is winning or if they draw.

Soccer scores in real time in your ads!

Moreover, we added new macros that allow to show the scores of any targeted match in real time in HTML5 banners. For example:

This kind of creatives produce an engagement and viewability rate peak as for all the relevant data they have.