Learn about our platforms to maximize your monetization

In this post you will find information about the platforms and their benefits that will help you maximize your monetization in the short term.

Ad Exchange boosts your revenue connecting you with Premium Advertisers

E-Planning Ad Exchange is the leading programmatic hub in Latin America to access different demand sources in real time through RTB

We connect Premium Publishers with the main demand sources in display, Rich Media, mobile and video. We work with more than 200 DSPs all around the world.

Our expert team is composed of Account Executives, Yield Analysts and Programmatic Specialists passionate about optimizing, maximizing your revenue and assisting you to improve your monetization strategy


Use Doubleclick for Publishers? We offer you Header bidder to access E-Planning main demand sources

E-Planning Header Bidder allows you to boost your monetization real quick with a simple integration by adding a unique tag. Header Bidder can be implemented both through our own solution and Prebid.

Our implementation is the easiest and fastest on the market: you just need 15 minutes to paste one tag in the site and you are ready to go monetizing with E-Planning Header Bidder.

Header Bidder can be implemented both through our own solution and Prebid. In any case, we’ll be by your side to help you with the implementation, configuration and optimization to make the most out of this tool and get the best results.

Private MarketPlace will help you create Private Deals directly

With E-Planning you can hold Private Deals directly with more than 200 DSPs. More, our team will be by your side to help you configure, manage and track your Private Deals

Access PMPs creation directly in the whole E-Planning Ad Exchange network. We know the creation of a PMP may be a headache sometimes. Our support team is passionate about helping you during the whole process.