Sebastián Pérez, Product Manager of E-planning, and Alejandra González, Programmatic Lead, were responsible for publicizing the company’s vision regarding how to work best in this business.

Today, E-planning is recognized in the region as “the largest Spanish-speaking exchange”, which is why it is considered a voice more than authorized in the subject. With an audience from media, agencies and advertisers, the talk focused on guiding and advising attendees on how to improve their campaigns, their sites, generate more revenue, among other tips.

“Participating in breakfast was an excellent experience. Personally I liked the fact of bringing together people from the industry from different areas in the same space, all with different visions and needs but with a common goal: to learn and strengthen the industry for the changes that are coming or that are already happening in the business, said Sebastián Pérez.

For his part, Ale González highlighted “The objective of these meetings is to share experiences to grow together in the industry, collaborate in promoting best practices and thus make everyone’s work of better quality and more agile. For this breakfast we look for the cases that are most repeated in our day to day, and that most affect the final result. My top 3 to reinforce: attention, correct implementation and order of ads.txt; fluid and clear communication before a private deal; review of space sizes / placements ”

This is only the initial kick for E-planning, as it will continue giving talks, seminars and workshops in Argentina and the rest of Latin America.