Apps are one of the most important channels for advertisers to reach their audiences. Advance data reports may assure effectiveness in your campaigns.

Publishers starting with in-app advertising, often face the following main challenge: to bring revenues. In a website, for instance, you can make quick changes in your ad inventory with little effort; however, in mobiles, it’s not so easy. First of all, you have to be sure that all the SDKs you and your partners are using work together. Then, you need to test them and finally, you should resubmit your app to the major app stores for approval. It takes a lot longer to upload mobile app ads and make them run and even longer to make changes therein.

However, the publishers should know that apps capture an increasing number of consumers’ attention as time goes by. According to Emarketer, over 26% of total media time and 88% of mobile time is spent in apps. This is huge. Mobile devices are more often used by one person only; so, this means that apps are connected to consumers’ daily habits. This fact turns the app environment into an ideal place for brands. You can reach highly specific audiences through news sites, social media or even gaming with a powerful user penetration, turning it very effective.

When you are talking about app monetization, you should know that you have two options:

  1. A fee per user to download your app. (Paywall)
  2. A free download option with in-app advertising revenue

It sounds simple, isn’t it? Well it is not. A piece of advice: free apps have less barriers for new users, and even a user who uses the app in a short period of time can generate ad revenue.


There are a few types of formats that you have to choose wisely in order to balance the goal of earning the best possible revenue and preserve the UX. According to a research from Hubspot, 70% of mobile users don’t enjoy mobile ads in their user experience. That´s the reason why this is so important. You have to be creative and select your ad format properly.

When you choose your ads, you have the following options:

  • Banner ads: these ads look very much like iab standard traditional web publishing ads. These is a versatile ad space which continues to be popular because it easily fits into in app environment.
  • Interstitial ads: a full screen takeover. It can be text, images or video. These are ideal to impact the user.
  • Native ads: these ads comprise the look and feel of the content inside the app.
  • Gamified ads: Gaming ads involve the placement of advertisements within a game’s virtual environment.  Customers can accept ads in gaming thanks to their opt-in nature.
  • Rewarded ads: this is the type of ad where the user knows ahead of time that they will get something in exchange for viewing or using an app.

The best publishers only work with a small selection of SSP. Working with partners that have direct relationships to high quality traffic is the best way to maintain control over your ads, and get the best return on investment.

Generating revenue from in app advertising could be difficult for publishers that mostly spend their time creating the content of their sites. At E-planning we can solve those issues and increase your revenue right away.

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