EPL MEDIA by E-planning said in the most recent edition of the IAB NOW, with an original proposal: it installed its own bar in the DOT Baires Shopping, the place where on August 27, the No. 1 advertising event in Argentina was held and attended by more than 3000 people to listen to the talks of national and international experts who spoke about the present and the future of digital advertising.

In the EPL MEDIA BAR five bartenders offered more than seven proposals for drinks typical of Latin America that delighted the guests in a bar that was open from beginning to end. The objective was to create an ideal place to relax and network with the entire industry, a different space and never seen in other editions of the event reinforcing the innovative DNA of E-Planning.

“This year what we wanted was to tell you about the launch of EPL MEDIA, which is a business unit that is strongly linked to agencies and advertisers, we wanted to do something massive and tell everyone about all the advantages we have so that they can develop their actions and being able to find in us the value they need for their clients ”, commented on the activity Gonzalo Antelo, Director of EPL MEDIA.

EPL MEDIA is the programmatic advertising solution created by E-Planning for brands and agencies that need a partner to surprise with high impact formats, data and quality contexts to achieve their communication objectives.

With more than 150 million unique users throughout the region and a range of around 80% in Argentina, 50% in Mexico and 20% in the United States, EPL MEDIA is a very interesting option to run programmatic or direct campaigns. “Today we have about 600 media in the region that work directly with our technology, which makes us very efficient when running the campaigns. In addition to that, EPL Media allows them to have only one interlocutor to have a regional and local reach”, said Antelo.

When asked about the current state of programmatic advertising, the Director of EPL Media considered, “Programmatic is going to keep the market very quickly. I think it represents a huge opportunity and EPL Media in that context is a player who comes to make a very interesting contribution. I think that the agencies are doing an extraordinary job, they are adapting very quickly and I think that we can be a solution in terms of how the program is growing in the region, since having a technological partner that can make the program run without any problem and do that the company performe in the best way is very interesting ”.

EPL MEDIA has the support of the E-Planning structure, something that Antelo expressed, “that clearly gives us a difference compared to other companies when launching a project of this nature, since on the one hand we have support 20 years of expertise in the industry, but we are also adding the best resources”.

Finally, we asked Gonzalo Antelo about the future of EPL Media, before which he said, “We are very excited about the team we are putting together in the United States, Mexico, Argentina, and soon in Colombia and Spain. We are adding a lot of talent and recognized people in the industry to help us think about the company and also add prestige to this proposal that comes with great force and with the intention of being among the great digital projects in the region”.