Embracing the Benefits of Programmatic Audio in Digital Advertising

Programmatic audio advertising is a new way of reaching audiences through audio content such as podcasts, audio articles, digital radio, and streaming music services. It utilizes automated systems for buying ads in a brand-safe environment, allowing brands to connect with a highly targetable and mobile audience.

Main Topics:
• Definition of Programmatic Audio
• Delivery and Targeting Capabilities
• Benefits of Programmatic Audio
• Audience Targeting Solutions
• Mobile as the Main Driver of the Programmatic-Audio Revolution

What is it?

Programmatic audio advertising is an extension of the online ad ecosystem that uses automated systems for buying ads in audio content. It offers a new way for brands and publishers to reach audiences, who may be oversaturated with visual advertising.

Delivery and Targeting Capabilities:

  • IP-based targeting
  • Geo-fencing
  • Content and behavioral targeting
  • First-party targeting
  • Contextual targeting (keywords and topics)
  • Dynamic triggers (location, demographics, temporal, music genre, device OS, weather)
  • Technology-based targeting (browser, wireless carrier, listening platform, device OS)
  • Sequential targeting (introduce & reinforce, prompt & inspire, attract & direct, engage & differentiate)

Mobile as the Main Driver of the Programmatic-Audio Revolution:

75.8% of U.S. digital audio listening occurs on mobile, with users spending 25% of their time listening to music, podcasts, and other audio content. In the UK, 38% of audio listening is on devices other than radios, primarily PCs and laptops, and smartphones.

Programmatic audio offers the best of both worlds, allowing advertisers to reach their target audience seamlessly across devices.

Benefits of Programmatic Audio:

👉🏻  Dynamic creative messaging

👉🏻  Cross-device campaigns

👉🏻  Reporting and attribution

👉🏻  Highly engaged audiences

👉🏻  Real-time optimization

Audience Targeting Solutions:

✅ Data-driven audience expansion

✅ Sequential messaging

✅ Extension of CTV buys to digital audio

✅ Adding audience data

✅ Diversifying programmatic budget

In conclusion, programmatic audio advertising offers numerous benefits to brands and publishers, including cross-device campaigns, highly engaged audiences, precise targeting, and dynamic creative messaging.

With the majority of digital audio listening taking place on mobile devices, programmatic audio presents a new opportunity to reach audiences in a brand-safe environment.

Whether you are expanding your CTV buys to digital audio or diversifying your programmatic budget, programmatic audio offers a unique and highly effective way to reach your target audience.

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