E-Planning Takes Steps to Ensure Transparency in Programmatic Advertising with Integration of Pixalate’s MRT

April 1, 2024

E-Planning, a leader in the field of programmatic advertising solutions, is pleased to announce a significant enhancement of its services through an expanded partnership with Pixalate. Focused on advancing Connected TV (CTV) in programmatic advertising, the introduction of Pixalate’s Media Ratings Terminal (MRT) service in late 2023 represents a breakthrough in risk management for compliance, privacy, and ratings across CTV, mobile apps, and websites.

This upgrade signifies a substantial improvement in service quality and reinforces a partnership with Pixalate that has been evolving since 2021. Since the partnership’s inception in 2021, E-Planning has utilized Pixalate to enhance programmatic buying services. The partnership began with introducing Pixalate’s blocklist feature, which enabled fine-tuning of site, mobile app, or CTV app targeting.

In 2022, additional Pixalate services like Pre-bid and PostBid were introduced. Pixalate’s suite of tools and services gives E-Planning the confidence to offer its clients risk reduction in their investments, enhanced brand safety, and assurance of traffic quality. Pixalate is recognized as a leading solution in preventing invalid traffic (IVT) across CT, mobile apps, and websites, with data on over 10 million apps, 80 million domains, and over 300 million OTT devices. Pixalate holds Media Rating Council (MRC) accreditation for the detection and filtration of IVT across CTV, mobile app, mobile web, and desktop.

“E-Planning’s concerted effort toward ad transparency is a testament to their commitment to quality,” said Christine Rex, Director of Public Affairs at Pixalate. “We’re encouraged in our partnerships’ ability to improve efficiency and trust in the ecosystem.” By fostering such partnerships, E-Planning can concentrate on expanding its service offerings, thereby reinforcing its extensive 20-year tenure in the programmatic advertising market. In 2024, E-Planning is poised to capitalize on burgeoning sectors such as CTV while integrating artificial intelligence to bolster its dedication to technological innovation in programmatic purchasing.

Both companies are committed to certifying and continually improving their practices to provide a safer and more reliable advertising environment. About Pixalate Pixalate is a global platform specializing in privacy compliance, ad fraud prevention, and digital ad supply chain data intelligence.

Founded in 2012, Pixalate is trusted by regulators, data researchers, advertisers, publishers, ad tech platforms, and financial analysts across the Connected TV (CTV), mobile app, and website ecosystems. Pixalate is accredited by the MRC for the detection and filtration of Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT). pixalate.com