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Would you like to monitor and control your campaigns in the media? We offer you our Ad server for Agencies to strictly follow-up your campaigns

Our Ad Server for Agencies allows you to create campaigns and delete tags to send to different media. You can manage your advertisers and implement different ad formats.

The platform offers thousands of metrics about your campaigns: impressions, clicks, unique users, users’ geographic and technological data, viewability, among others.

You can measure conversions and thoroughly know about sales allocation. Take advantage of our retargeting tools to impact again on those users interested in your advertisers.


Our Rich Media tool offers high-impact formats

Rich Media is the entrance door to hundreds of high-impact formats for desktop and mobile. Interactive video and audio ads, integrated to social networks, are only some of the available features.

Our formats are HTML5 and responsive, and that’s why they are correctly visualized in any kind of devices.

All our formats offer advanced stats, such as viewability, number of effective visualizations, playback percentages, mute / unmute, interaction, etc.


Creation of campaigns through retargeting with DCO

E-Planning DCO (Dynamic Creation Optimization) enables the integration of your retail store with our DSP, thus helping you run campaigns programmatically and taking advantage of our retargeting tools to display relevant products to interested users.

Our data base is constantly updated with your products, so as to reflect their changes in real time.

We allow you to create campaigns only through retargeting, to show selected products to already interested users.