Discover our new feature DATA CAPTURE!

Now all our EPL Media clients can add forms and users can fill them in directly in the ad.

Data Capture is available for all formats we offer, including Rich Media. For more info about our innovative formats, please visit our Rich Media Gallery

How many fields can we add to an ad?

As many as you deem necessary. However, we recommend somewhere between one and three forms adapted to the ad design so that they create a user-friendly experience.

What are the benefits?

– 80% reach increase: Data Capture generates a greater interaction between the target audience and the ad.
– Lead: Data Capture is highly effective when it comes to generate conversions as users find it very easy to use.
– Downloadable database: All data retrieved from the ads are saved in a file that can be downloaded from Internet in different formats.
– Audience interaction and feedback: You can get access to your audience quite easily and know what they think about your brand, a specific product or service.
– Special offers and contests: With Data Capture you can implement as many contests and special offers as you want, where users are just a click away from participating!


Data Capture Formats



Text Area


Check Box


Radio Button




For more information, please contact our Account Executives