Are you familiar with our programmatic buying options yet?

Ever wonder about the way they work and the benefits you would get? In this article, we offer a brief explanation about the programmatic buying options we offer, the way they work and the benefits you would get by choosing them.

We foster the connection between brands and US hispanics through our Trade desk.

EPL Media is the leading agency that connects brands with US Hispanics. We combine data and premium inventory to reach the correct audience at the right time through our full stack solution, to cooperate with the whole purchase process.

We work with the main hispanic media, and that’s why we only work with premium inventory. We don’t affiliate sites neither buy third parties’ traffic.

Our own data solutions enable to segment audiences with information we only have access to.

In addition to multiple auditing tools certifications, as Moat or IAS, we have a dashboard with daily metrics to monitor campaigns.

Programmatic buying in the main LATAM media

E-Planning DSP is the best tool to reach the largest media and audiences in LATAM. Create your campaigns, manage them and get real stats. Reach your audience at the right time and place at the best price.

Access to LATAM, USA and Europe Premium Publishers´ traffic.

Our algorithms of artificial intelligence allow you to calculate the optimum price for each impression, making the most out of the assigned budget.